1. Weather
  2. The Weather!! Las Vegas has about 300 days of amazing sunshine. It has an average annual temperature around 80 degrees. Summer months can be challenging but one must take into consideration that it is dry heat! No humidity which makes the summer months tolerable. Also, in line with the weather no natural disasters! move to Las Vegas you’ll be safe from tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

  3. Affordability
  4. Las vegas is very affordable. The cost of living in comparisons to most metropolitan areas in the US is significantly lower.Rent and Home prices are much lower. Average rent is around$930 and Median home price is around. $260K

  5. Opportunity
  6. Thinking of starting a new business ? Forbes ranked Las vegas among the top twelve best cities to launch a new business. Also, named Vegas the top in seven best cities for start -ups. and we cant forget. The lack of individual and corporate income taxes is a big draw for businesses and residents alike.

  7. No State Income Tax!
  8. Like other tourist-friendly cities Las Vegas funds itself through sales and use taxes. Nevada’s tourism and gambling industry has long been the state’s main powerhouse in tax generating revenue. In 2011, the average per-capita state and local tax paid was $3,221, according to the Tax Foundation — the 15th-lowest out of all 50 states. With all the money you save on taxes, you’ll be able to consider buying a home.

  9. Entertainment and Dining
  10. Las Vegas is home to some of the top casinos in the world.Las Vegas on any given weekend can feature the best concerts and events featuring the top entertainers from around the globe! As well as being the focal point for the top sporting events!such as, top boxing. Even if you never went to the Las Vegas Strip to eat, you would still be enjoying one of the most exciting dining scenes in the country. Michelin starred chefs are cooking off The Strip and some of the top names in the culinary world have restaurants in Las Vegas. From Sustainable Seafood to true farm-to-table restaurants, Las Vegas has it all.Las Vegas is truly the city that never sleeps.

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