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E. Samson

Darren is professional, detail-oriented, does his homework, and presents real estate facts in a way that is easy to understand. He did everything under his belt, and more, to sell my house at the maximum amount and minimum time possible. Informed me every step of the way on all development, both positive and negative. He would even go to my new location just to get papers signed and not lose time. He sold my house in under 30 days at a price that is within the price range of what I wanted, which was about $12 per sq ft more than the average direct competition. And most importantly, it was a very relaxing and no-stress transaction from beginning till end. I was never worried about anything, and I am a worrier. He was there with me from the prep, moving stuff away, and all the way to signing the closing papers at the escrow’s office. Muchas gracias, Amigo! I would highly, highly recommend Darren for all your real estate needs.

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